Civil Engineering

Program Objectives

San Diego State University's Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering allows students to take on a program that is exciting, challenging, flexible and diversified. It is often called the “people serving profession”. because the engineer's work is predominantly intellectual and varied and not of routine mental or physical character. The SDSU program places emphasis upon the mastery of a strong core of subject matter in the physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering sciences. Woven throughout the program is a continuous study of the social sciences and humanities. This is done to assist engineering graduates in expressing themselves as leaders who are conscious of the social and economic implications of their decisions.

Teaching Methodology

The objective of the program is to give students knowledge of civil engineering, as well as the interdisciplinary background and skills to meaningfully participate in and contribute technical advances toward this profession. The undergraduate program builds upon concepts of mathematics, physics, chemistry and basic engineering with specialized study in civil engineering. The program integrates technical aspects with studies in the social sciences and humanities to ensure appropriate sensitivity to socially related problems. 

Career Opportunities

Virtually all that surrounds us, buildings, highways, dams, harbors, airports, bridges and tunnels, pipelines and water systems are designed and constructed by civil engineers. Thus, there are excellent job opportunities present in the foreseeable future. Career opportunities in all specialties are bright, and perhaps the best exist in environmental and transportation areas. For instance, new transportation technologies that use “smart highways” and “smart cars” will revolutionize our ways of combating the increasing traffic in our cities. Both the private and public sectors will be looking for a new generation of well-prepared civil engineers. The department maintains close links with industry through its Advisory Board to assure that our programs remain relevant and meet industry needs. These links also help to develop internship programs for our students.


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