Date: 2023-11-15

SDSU Georgia Marks a Milestone with a new Advisory Board Meeting

A new Advisory Board of SDSU-G was formed in agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science and convened for the first time on November 14th, 2023.


Since 2014, San Diego State University has been actively present in Georgia, providing Bachelor of Science degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This initiative was established through collaboration with the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) as part of its Second Compact. Over the years, SDSU has successfully graduated five cohorts of students in Georgia.


The higher education project, executed within the framework of the second compact between the USA and Georgia, reached its culmination with the graduation of the fifth cohort in May 2023. Despite this milestone, both the Georgian Government and SDSU have expressed a shared commitment to sustaining the positive outcomes of the project. In line with this commitment, the aim to extend the program's impact by recruiting and nurturing the potential of yet another cohort of students was achieved.


The establishment of the new Board stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts between SDSU and the Government of Georgia, represented by the Ministry of Education and Science.


The distinguished Advisory Board brings together key figures, including the Minister of Education and Science, Giorgi Amilakhvari, SDSU President Adela de la Torre, Vice-President, Provost, Deans, Rectors from SDSU-G's Partner Universities in Georgia TSU, ISU, GTU and the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia as a representative of the private sector, fostering a rich and diverse collaborative environment. The United States Embassy Representative also participated, noting his official membership is pending final confirmation from the Department of State in Washington, DC.


Moderated by the esteemed Dean Emeritus of SDSU-G, Dr. Halil Guven, the meeting provided an insightful presentation on the commitments of SDSU-G for the upcoming four years. Dr. Guven's presentation encompassed an array of crucial topics, including the launch of an annual in-person conference by SDSU-G. This conference aims not only to provide a platform for professional development for Georgian faculty but also to showcase academic expertise to a global audience. It further seeks to bolster the visibility of partner universities and serve as a catalyst for international collaboration. The meeting also emphasized the plans for annual job fairs and the significance of Industry-Alumni gatherings, all organized by SDSU-G, to nurture ongoing connections and opportunities.


Central to the discussions was the pivotal role of the Advisory Board members in fostering an open and constructive dialogue. The collectively developed strategic vision is to shape the future direction of SDSU-G through collaborative efforts and shared insights.


As SDSU-G currently has diverse portfolio, the Dean presented a concise summary of other ongoing projects in Georgia, highlighting initiatives such as the Early Childhood Education Project funded by the World Bank (I2Q), the Entrepreneurial Education Project in collaboration with Ilia State University, and the "Supporting STEM Research and Graduate Education in Georgia" project, funded by the US Embassy in Tbilisi. Notably, as part of the latter project which was recently concluded, 820 individuals received extensive training through mini-course sessions, while 16 Ph.D. students had the opportunity to visit SDSU's main campus for research purposes.


This inaugural meeting stands as a cornerstone in the journey of SDSU Georgia, fostering collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to educational excellence.


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