Date: 2024-04-29

SDSU-G hosted two distinguished guest speakers from the US Embassy

Last week, SDSU-G had the privilege of hosting two distinguished guest speakers from the US Embassy, providing valuable insights and enriching discussions for attendees. On April 22nd, Ms. Sarah Kraegel discussed with the audience "Select opportunities with the U.S. Embassy, including American Corner spaces".

Following Ms. Kraegel's insightful session, Mr. Joseph Larson's presentation on April 25 was devoted to U.S. public diplomacy. With a focus on how the US effectively communicates its values and policies to international audiences, Mr. Larson's presentation provided a comprehensive understanding of the strategic efforts employed by the US government to foster mutual understanding and cooperation across borders. By examining real-world examples and case studies, attendees gained valuable insights into the significance of effective communication in shaping diplomatic relations and promoting shared values.

The sessions proved to be highly beneficial to the SDSU-G freshmen. For these students, the opportunity to engage with seasoned diplomats and experts provided invaluable exposure to the practical applications of their academic pursuits in a global context.