Magda Tsintsadze

Course: COMP E 260; COMP E 561; CS 107

Dr. Magda Tsintsadze contributes to San Diego State University Georgia’s STEM programs as a professor of Computer Science(CS107) and Computer Engineering(CompE-561,CompE-260). In conjunction with her placement at SDSU Georgia, Dr. Tsintsadze is also an associate professor at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences at Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Dr.Tsintsadze holds a PhD (Math. Cybernetics) from Tbilisi State University (2006). Her Post-Doctoral research was held in ATEI of Thessaloniki, Greece(2008-2009). Dr. Tsintsadze has also served as a visiting professor at several universities abroad and specializes in teaching a broad variety of computer science based disciplines. Non-academic experience: Dr.Magda Tsintsadze was working at Parliament of Georgia (2002-2009) as a Senior Specialist at the Department of Informatics; Dr. Tsintsadze is a recipient of an INSTAS grant for Young Scientists; Presidential Grant for Young Scientists; Fulbright Grant; Rustaveli Nationals Scientific Foundation Grant and other travel grants from INTAS, DFG, Zurich University, Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, Embassy of India. Dr. Tsintsadze serves as accreditation expert of National Center for Educational Accreditation of Georgia. She is a member of AMS and ACM.