In 1997 graduated from Tbilisi State University with BSc in Physics. In 1999 graduated from Tbilisi State University with Msc in Physics. Title of the thesis was «Null plane quantum field theory». In 2003 graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Department of Science, majoring in experimental physical chemistry. In 2004 was awarded degree of Doctor of Science. The title of the thesis was «Position sensitive tiome of flight study of the collision induced dissociation of multiply charged benzene». In 2004-2005 held a researcher position at the laboratory for the spectroscopy of atomic and molecular processes. In 2005-2008 did PostDoc research at the J. R. McDonald laboratory, Department of Physics, Kansas State University. In 2008-2011 held a JSPS (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science) research fellow position at the Institut for molecular science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan. In 2011-2012 worked as a researcher at Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory (Ilia State University). From 2014 is a member of council of young scientists, Georgian Nationals Science Academy.