Professional experience 01.2010 - Head Department of Scientific Research and Development Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, TSU 26.09.2012 - Professor Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, TSU 27.09.2009 -26. 09.2012 Associate Professor Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, TSU 2008 - 01.2010 Deputy Head Department of Scientific Research and Development, TSU 2007-2008 Main Specialist Scientific Department, TSU 2006-2007 Associate Professor Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, TSU 2003-2006 Research staff member Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics and Radio Techniques, TSU 2000-2003 Engineer Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics, TSU Scientific/Academic degree 2002 Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Ph.D. / Academic doctor Education 12.2002 Ph.D. in Radio Physics, Diploma #003505 1996-1999 Ph.D. Student Specialty – Superconductivity, Faculty of Physics, TSU 1996 MS in Physics of Elementary Particles (diploma with honor АН #00166) Faculty of Physics, TSU Working experience abroad / academic missions 02.03.2015 – 17.04.2015 Exchange Visitor Program at San Diego State University (SDSU) – within the scope of signed agreement between Georgia and the USA (the second compact of high education project, Millennium challenge Corporation) 14.06 – 15.07.2010 Invited Professor Giorgi Ghvedashvili 2 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETH Zurich 1.11.2006 - 7.11.2006 Visit to Estonia and Finland in frames of TACIS project #123052 “Creating an effective model of science administration: review of EU best practices and elaboration of policy recommendations with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia” 04.2005 – 08.2005 Postdoctoral research fellow at the Computational Optics Group at ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Under INTAS Postdoctoral Fellowship) 09.2004 – 12.2004 Postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Applications at University of Veliko Tirnovo 'St.St. Cyril and Methodius', Bulgaria (Under INTAS Postdoctoral Fellowship) Academic experience 2003 - Lectures and Practical courses: Electricity and Magnetism Optics Computer Modeling of Physical Processes Research Management Electronics Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Area of research experience Scattering and inverse problems in electrodynamics Antenna design EMC/EMI problems in applied electrodynamics Numerical Methods Influence EM fields on the Biological Objects (SAR Problems).