David Chkhaidze

Course: COMP E 470


David Chkhaidze is the head of Microelectronics Laboratory at the faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Ilia state university. Between 2009 to 2016 David managed Microelectronics Courses at the faculty of engineering, Ilia state university.  From 2004 to 2009 he held the position of the Head of Equipment Design Department at the Seismic Monitoring Center of Georgia. In 2002 he established equipment design laboratory at the Institute of Geophysics, Georgian Academy of Sciences. From 1998 to 2002 David worked at the company Magticom as Radio Microwave Systems Engineer. For this company David developed software for calculation the hazardous zones of magnetic fields emitted by the microwave systems.  Subsequent years as head of microelectronics laboratory David developed various equipments for scientific research purposes, mostly related with environmental monitoring. During last years main scientific work of David is connected with the development of new multi-purpose IoT ( the Internet of things) systems. These and other developments are widely used in large variety of projects.