Dr. Kisi received his B.Sc. in Engineering Faculty (Department of Civil Engineering) at the Cukurova University, Turkey (1997), M.Sc. in Institute of Science and Technology (Hydraulics Division) at the Erciyes University, Turkey (1999), Ph.D. in Institute of Science and Technology (Hydraulics Division) at the Istanbul Technical University, Turkey (2003). His research fields are developing novel algorithms and methods towards the innovative solution of hydrologic forecasting and modeling; suspended sediment modeling; forecasting, estimating, spatial and temporal analysis of hydro-climatic variables such as precipitation, streamflow, suspended sediment, evaporation, evapotranspiration, groundwater, lake level and water quality parameters; hydro-informatics. He is an active participant in numerous national research projects. He is an active participant in numerous national research projects and supervisor of several MSc and PhD works. Author of several peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is serving as an Editorial Board Member of several reputed journals (e.g. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering (ASCE), Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Hydrology Research, Sustainability, ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering and Austin Journal of Irrigation). He has also served as a Guest Editor for Special Issues published in Hydrological Hazards in a Changing Environment-Early Warning, Forecasting, and Impact Assessment (Advances in Meteorology) in 2015. He is also serving as a Reviewer for more than 80 journals indexed in Science Citation Index (SCI) in the fields of hydrology, irrigation, water resources and hydro-informatics. He has authored more than 450 research articles, 12 chapters and 30 discussions (Web of Science h-index = 59, Google Scholar h-index = 70; Scopus h-index 62). Dr. Kisi is the recipient of the 2006 International Tison Award (given by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS); URL: http://iahs.info/About-IAHS/Competition--Events/Tison-Award/Tison-Award-winners/OKisi.do). According to Webometrics (in 2016 and 2017), his ranking in Turkey was 67 and 51, respectively (http://yunus.hacettepe.edu.tr/~sadi/yayin/Ranking_Web_of_Universities_Turkey_Ocak2016.pdf and http://www.ihsandag.gen.tr/index_dosyalar/RankingofscientistsinTurkish.pdf). He is a member of Turkish Academy of Science (selected in 2012, see http://www.tuba.gov.tr/en/members/all-members/principal-members?&_pp=12&per_page=48). He has been a professor at Ilia State University since 2017.