PhD. Khatuna Sichinava lectures on mechanical and electrical principles of construction at the SDSU of Georgia. She is an energy engineer with a strong technical background. Over the past 20 years, Ms. Sichinava has worked as a project Manager, technical expert and has extensive experience in developing energy audits for industrial enterprises, hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, the Ministry of education, schools and kindergartens, as well as supporting rehabilitation works and implementing energy efficiency measures in the construction sector. She provided consulting services and trainings on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for representatives of the construction and architectural sectors, educational institutions, students, households and representatives of ministries.

Since 1997, she has worked with international organizations such as USAID, EBRD, GIZ, UNDP, EU, etc., as well as with local authorities and analyzed the current energy, environmental, political and economic situation in the entire South Caucasus region. She is the Chairman of the technical Committee of the National Agency for standards and Metrology of Georgia and is responsible for the adaptation of EE standards for Georgia. In addition, she is a national expert of the Ministry of economy and sustainable development of Georgia, and participated in the development of the “Energy Efficiency law of Georgia” and "Minimum Requirements for Energy Efficiency for Buildings-Specific (partial) Requirements".

PhD. Sichinava has published several scientific articles, brochures, booklets with a special focus on energy efficiency measures in construction and is the author of textbooks: "Energy audit in buildings” and "Energy efficiency in the construction sector”, which are used for training students of the Technical University of Georgia at the faculty of ventilation and heating and at the Georgian art Academy, the faculty of architecture and the Georgian American University (GAU) for the master's degree in building equipment engineering